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The 2019 8-Step Guide to Quality Backlinks


The key to success lies with the quality of your content and the SEO you make in order to optimize said content. Everything should be done with the user in mind. Think about what your visitors want to know, what interests them, what will be of value and will make them return to your page.

Building backlinks to your website is an old and still used concept. But the ways backlinks are built have changed greatly with the evolution of the Internet.

Today, when it comes to backlinks, people and SEO experts look for quality rather than quantity, as many low-quality backlinks can do harm to your website. But what are backlinks?

Backlinks are links that lead to a webpage. These links send link juice to that webpage and help it rise in the Google rankings, as well as improve its domain authority. No-Follow links do not transfer link juice, so you should be interested in quality links without that tag.

The question is how to get quality do-follow links to improve your off-page SEO and rank higher on Google. There are several ways you can achieve that.



Copy is king. And it always will be. Look at your competitors, what they’re doing to rank higher than you. And then do it better.

Create fresh content regularly, this is what Google likes. But don’t create content for the sake of content. Make it useful for the user, try to solve problems with your copy, use visual, in-depth analyses, enough details.

Make your content engaging and valuable. Marketing doesn’t end with paid advertising.

When you create quality content on a regular basis, Google will start prioritizing your website. Users will be engaged and will be more inclined to share your posts on social media. Other bloggers and website owners will start valuing your input, and might decide to invite you for a guest post.



There are media platforms you can use to post articles and unique content that feature links to your website or blog. These media platforms are usually reputable and that will send valuable link juice to you.

Such platforms are LinkedIn, Medium, Social Media like Tumblr, and many more. Posting there will also give you more exposure, generating more traffic to your website.

Be Thoughtful!
Don’t copy someone else’s content for these purposes. Don’t spin yours. Like we discussed, quality is what matters most.



There are numerous SEO solutions and tools that will help you with link building. Some of the more invaluable ones allow you to spy on your competitors and check out where do their backlinks come from.

This will allow you to emulate already successful link building strategies, if you don’t really have your own. Such tools will help you analyze various aspects of the link building strategy of your competitors, including the traffic they generate, the domain authority, what anchor texts they use, and so on.



Outreach might not be everyone’s way to go, but it is something to consider and keep in mind. Outreach relates mainly to you directly contacting other people, authors, blog owners, who create content similar to yours.

You can then ask them to link back to your website. Offer to produce better content for them, rewrite or refresh an old article. Research the other website they’ve linked to, assess the competition you’re up against when approaching people.



Guest blogging is quite similar to the Outreach approach to link building. But whereas with outreach you need to establish a trust-based relationship with your counterparts, guest blogging happens in an easier way.

More often than not, websites have their own specific sections for partnering with outside parties. There you’ll be able to find the specific conditions they have for you to post and link to your website from theirs.

Make yourself familiar with the specific guidelines of the blog you’d like to guest-post on. You will be able to find both paid and free guest posting conditions, each with its own specifications.



If you have the budget to spare for this, do it. Paid posts usually happen under the form of PRs. Reputable websites, newspapers, news outlets, and so on, allow you to pay for a place on their platform.

This is an expensive endeavor, and you should inquire for quotes and prices and plan ahead, to see if you can afford this. They are so expensive due to the simple fact that the authority boost you’ll receive from a backlink on a well-known website is invaluable and can hardly compare to the one from random websites and blogs.



An influencer base can become your best friend when building your backlinks. They can help you with exposure and brand promotion. Once you establish a strong relationship with them, exposure will be done for you to some extent.

Influencers are an integral part of online marketing nowadays, because of their big following they are perfectly fine to engage with. The problem here would be to give them a strong enough incentive to become your representatives.



It sometimes so happens that reputable domains with backlinks from Wikipedia or YouTube, for example, expire and can be purchased. Of course, such domains often cost a fortune. But there are some great SEO tools that can help you find expired domains with backlinks from reputable websites that you can buy cheaply and build your blog or website on them.

That’s why you shouldn’t compromise with using additional tools or software, to enhance your SEO. Of course, keeping it whitehat is what matters most.

Start Link Building!

Link building will be a huge part of your SEO strategy. It is one of the most powerful ways to support your efforts to rank higher in Google results. Simply using keywords and good on-page SEO will not be enough.

So, map it out, draw a plan on how you intend to approach link building. Consider the budget you can spare on that task and do not spare any efforts.

Backlinks are an endless topic, and with the ever-changing practices in SEO, things change pretty quickly here as well. But I hope this short article on backlinks in SEO has been of use to you and a way to get you started.