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7 Hot Content Marketing Trends In 2019


Marketing has changed dramatically over time, especially with the development of multiple marketing channels online. The Internet has changed how marketing is done, marketers and agencies have to adapt to the new online medium they operate in.

If you’re looking for ways to promote your own business or you’re a marketer, an agency with clients, you need to stay up-to-date and always be aware of the new trends in order to yield the best results for you or your clients.

If you’re just starting out, here’s a boost for your confidence. Don’t miss out on the hottest online marketing trends for 2019 and apply the methods that will explode your results this year!

1. Create Video Content


Videos have been proven to increase engagement, reduce bounce rate and create more interest on part of visitors about your product or service.

You cannot miss out on video content this year. And I’m not just talking about YouTube videos. There’s been a huge increase in InstaStory efficiency. Publish your videos across all social media channels to reach as many people from your target audience as possible.

Now you’re probably asking yourself – how much is this gonna cost me? Well, if you can, you can create videos on your own. Especially if you have a smartphone with a great camera.

If you don’t, you can hire freelancers or, better yet – purchase DFY engaging video content. Such packs do exist and have proven to be invaluable when it comes to online marketing.

Don’t miss out on using various tools and software that allow you to edit and improve your video content. This can be crucial for engagement as well, and it is preferred to just sharing a raw video file.

2. Pick Up Vlogging


If this fits your business model or can be applied to marketing your product or service, do it. How is this different from creating video content? Vlogging implies you’ll be showing your face in the videos. You will be making it personal, getting one step closer to your target audience and customers.

This is a demanding marketing instrument. Your videos will require lots of editing and professional equipment to shoot them. You will also need to make sure you can offer valuable information in your videos and make them pleasing to watch.

It will not work for every business model out there, but you should consider it at least.

3. Podcasts & Audio Content


This is not for everyone. You will need professional equipment and a solid amount of knowledge to create your podcasts. This is a radio program with a certain type of content and topics discussed. You can create your own branded podcast but you’ll have to work hard to do it well.

Unlike videos, where you can engage your viewers in various ways, including your own face, podcasts rely only on audio. So you’ll have to be quite self-conscious about how you sound.

This is a portable way for people to receive content. You can discuss topics regarding your products or services, share experience, discuss case studies, and even invite influencers or other people for interviews. But if you don’t do it properly, you might bore your listeners to death.

4. Static Visual Information


Visual content is the driving force behind marketing today. Especially in some fields, visuals are much better than huge chunks of text. You can approach this in three ways:

  •  Create Lookbooks – showcase your products, providing beautiful and awe-inspiring photos to give your target audience a better look at them;
  • Create Infographics – showcase information through interactive mediums and visuals like infographics, making it more accessible to people;
  • Create Moodboards – create collages of your products to showcase how they are relevant to everyday life, emphasizing on advantages.

Visual content is much more comprehensive and has an interactive approach when it comes to promoting goods or services. On top of that, it is easier to create than videos and much more gratifying than plain text.

5. Pre-Landers


Even though they are often frowned upon, pre-landers are still widely used when it comes to online marketing. This is a type of promotional page that features additional information about your product combined with suitable visual materials.

This is the page where your visitors will land before going to the actual sales page. Pre-landing pages are used to reduce the psychological barrier of buying and relieving the stress and pressure when someone’s sent directly to the sales page of a product.

Pre-landers are widely used because of their ability to aid conversions but it is not 100% guaranteed your products will convert better with pre-landers. The results heavily depend on your niche.

6. Exclusive But FREE Content


Another marketing tactic that is hot in 2019, is the use of locked content. This is a strategy that tries to convince your visitors and potential customers to take an action that is not necessarily to make a purchase.

Offer them free reports, additional information, bonus gifts, promo codes, or whatever, to encourage them to take a certain action. This action is usually to give their emails.

You might ask – why urge them to take an action that is different from a purchase? Pushing your visitors to a purchase might come off as too aggressive. If you urge them to take a different kind of action, you can use that to your advantage, as well:

  • Create email lists for promotions;
  • Retarget users according to their behavior;
  • Gain exposure by asking them to share your content, etc.

This is just a part of what you can do with this approach. It is less aggressive than direct sales and can fortify the relationship you have with your customers.

Remember that we live in a society used to instant gratification that is saturated with offers from billions of business owners. Stand out from the crowd by caring for your target audience, by making it feel comfortable with your offer and not pressed about it.

7. Email Marketing & ChatBots


Always stay connected to your visitors and customers. ChatBots can greatly help you react on time and when it is crucial. They, along with email marketing, will not let your customers forget about you and what you have to offer.


Of course, you’ll have to create a strategy on how to implement them. There are numerous tools and solutions for both email and social media marketing. Use them to the best of your abilities and their maximum capacity to not let profits slip by.

Online Marketing in 2019

Online marketing this year is not too different from online marketing last year. But there are subtle differences and nuances you need to be aware of in order to make your campaigns and strategies efficient.

Don’t forget, your competition will be keeping a close eye on the hottest trends. Don’t let them beat you to the newest and most efficient ways to market their competitive products or services.