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5 Elements to Affiliate Marketing Success


Having your own product or a service to offer to customers and sell is the best option to open your own business. But not every person can create a unique product or services with value-added that will convince people to buy them.

Still, everyone can open an online business when it comes to the Affiliate Marketing niche. It is probably the quickest way to establish an online business. If you know how to do it, it can even be easy.

Even if you’re new to Affiliate Marketing and have no previous experience, don’t worry. It is still quite easy to begin. There are lots of tools and solutions for affiliate marketers that can get you started.

Let’s cover some essential elements of Affiliate Marketing and consider specific aspects of that niche.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

To be someone’s affiliate means to promote and sell their goods or services on their behalf. Being an affiliate does not require you to buy the products and stock an inventory of them. Most products usually offering affiliate programs are digital products.

If a product or a company offers an affiliate program, simply contact them to get your affiliate links. Some vendors and sellers have specific requirements for their affiliates, and unfortunately, the might refuse to partner with you.

But don’t despair, there are still hundreds of products you can choose to affiliate for.

Once you’ve been approved to affiliate for someone’s product, you will receive a special link with your affiliate ID. This is the link you need to feature on your website or blog. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you’re credited for it. As an affiliate, you will receive a commission often going to more than 70%.

These commissions are the reason why so many people choose to start dealing with affiliate marketing. Some make a living only out of this alone. All depends on the efforts you put into that and how serious you are about this business model.

Why is Affiliate Marketing so Popular?

There are a couple of reasons why so many people try to become affiliates:

  • You don’t need a product or service of your own.
  • You don’t bother with shipping and handling.
  • You don’t communicate with the customers.
  • You don’t have to provide support on the products.

Virtually, all you have to do is promote the products, attract traffic to the offer and make sure your ad copy can convert. Once the people who visit your website or blog make a purchase, you will receive your commission.

And that’s it. Really, you don’t have to involve yourself with the customers at all. Your job ends with redirecting people to the offer you affiliate for.


How to Start Selling as an Affiliate?

Easy. Simply choose the niche in which you want to position yourself.

You can affiliate for marketplaces like Amazon or BookDepository. There, there’s no real limit to what products you can affiliate for, as long as you’ve been approved to partner with the marketplaces.

You can affiliate for online stores or specific brands. Again, once you’ve been approved to be their affiliate, all you have to do is direct people to their websites and offers via your affiliate link.

You can affiliate for individual vendors and merchants who offer digital products, software tools, eBooks, or anything you might think of. These offers you can usually find on big affiliate networks like JVZoo, ClickBank and WarriorPlus. These are one of the biggest platforms where vendors and affiliates meet.


The choice is up to you. You can decide the niche based on your interests, preference or market research you’ve probably made, leading up to your decision to open an online business.

5 Essentials to Get Started

If you take up affiliate marketing, you can’t do this just with the snap of your fingers. There are a couple of aspects that you need to consider and… create in order to establish a proper website and following, and a business with a constantly growing client base. Here they are.


Your blog or website will be the base of operations. This is where you’ll put all of your content, the one that’s supposed to market the offers you affiliate for and to convert your website’s visitors. Choose a platform you’re familiar with or will feel most comfortable with, get a domain name that will be easily recognizable.

You can throw in various plugins and features to increase engagement with visitors and to reduce the bounce rate on your website. Don’t forget, your ultimate goal is to redirect people from your website to the offers via your affiliate links.


Whether you’ll be writing reviews of the products or will set up demonstrations for visitors, it doesn’t matter. What matters is for you to produce content and make it as truthful as possible. It’s not just a sales copy. If something sounds too good to be true, people probably won’t believe you. If you make fake claims or exaggerated promises so that people will convert, they might ask for a refund later on, when they realize you’ve claimed wrong.

And you don’t want many refunds or chargebacks to be associated with your affiliate links. That will hurt your reputation and advertisers might decide to quit working with you.


Email and list building tools and autoresponders will help you acquire visitors’ emails and create lists. Creating a newsletter for these lists will help you reach potential customers, current clients, create a strong relationship with them, build trust.

In affiliate marketing, whether people will trust your judgment is often determined by how much trust they have in you. Having a newsletter that incites trust can be quite beneficial for your business.

In addition, you can add affiliate links to your emails. Email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways in which you can convert people. So do not underestimate its potential.


To add people to your lists, simply offer them a free gift or a bonus as a lead hook, that would require them to subscribe to your website. You can use eBooks or training courses that get sent via email to entice them.


You will only be wasting your time if you cannot choose a specific niche or product. Research beforehand. Brainstorm, look up your immediate competitors to see what they are affiliating for.

If you go with the flow and rush in blind, your offers, regardless of how well-crafted your promotional content is, will be largely ignored.


No one likes to buy useless tools or software solutions full of bugs. Most affiliate advertisers will offer the chance for you to take their products for a test run. That’s why it’s so important to communicate with their affiliate managers.

Just request a trial version of the software or product and get a better feel of it. Only that way can you provide your visitors with accurate, relevant, and insightful information. And in that way, you will spare them and yourself quite a bit of disappointments.


Alternatively, you can choose to buy the products, test them, and then request a refund. But that’s not a practice I would recommend as some vendors don’t offer money-back guarantees, other products could be extremely expensive, and the following refund might become detrimental to your relationship with the vendor and their affiliate managers.

Just talk to people, they would rarely refuse you.


There are three ways you can do that:

  • Spy on your competition – if they are promoting it, it means it’s worth your attention and efforts. But in this case, you might be mislead, as there are people who review every piece of product out there with an affiliate program. And that’s not always a viable strategy.
  • Rely on your affiliate network – the affiliate networks on which you’ll find the offers to affiliate for, provide various statistics about the products, about the vendors. You can find top-trending products, you can find best-selling evergreen solutions, you can check out how many people offer it, what are the payouts, the timetables for receiving commissions, the interest on part of other affiliates.
  • Follow Newest Launches – usually, products that are to be released, get listed on affiliate networks some time before the public launch date. Such products always have the highest demand around the launch date. So if you can get in on the action early enough, you will have yourself a top-trending product.

Best selling products are out there. The amount of offers you can affiliate for is huge, but you shouldn’t worry about that and quit. Instead, research, see what others do and stay vigilant. Opportunities pop up every day.

To Sum It Up

Affiliate marketing takes time and efforts. Nothing happens overnight and should arm yourself with patience. But if you’re resolved to become a professional affiliate marketer and have the right affiliate marketing tools under your belt, you will quickly start seeing results.